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Hey All!

I got married at the age of 20 and literally had less than $2,000 in my bank account. My wife and I both got jobs right away. She worked in children’s ministry, and I worked in marketing. Both of us had good jobs, but not anything that paid great.

I knew I wanted to set my future up well for my wife and kids (one day).

That’s when I started researching real estate. I couldn’t stop reading about it. Every time I got in the car I listened to podcasts. Anytime a new property popped up on the market, I was researching it.

After 1 year of research, my wife and I bought our first rental unit. We decided to house hack. We lived in 1 unit and rented out the other 2. That process was hard, but fun.

It was then that I met my business partner, Josh.

He had recently bought a triplex and worked in marketing as well. That’s when we thought we could start buying properties together.

We now own 10 units between the two of us and are doing marketing for people across the country!

I have been able to quit my job and pursue this full time!

I truly feel so blessed.

I want to help people like you do the same. There is literally nothing special about me. I just like real estate and investing!

I believe everyone can do this.

Austin Glanzer

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