Paul Thompson and Cody Dover – What Is It Like To Be On BiggerPockets?? And MUCH MORE.​

Episode Notes:

Welcome Back!!!

Sorry I am posting this episode on Tuesday instead of Monday this week, but last week my wife had our baby, so it was a long, exciting week!!!

In this episode, we interview Paul Thompson and Cody Dover.

Paul has been on BiggerPockets, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is currently the host Ready Investor One.

Cody is managing tons of deals in Arkansas! He is flipping, wholesaling, wholesaling, and even talks about how he and his business partners are buying an Airbnb right now!

If you are interested in the Impact Investing Model we talked about in the show, you can access that on Paul’s Podcast!

Important links from the show:

Paul’s Podcast:

Paul’s Bigger Pockets Episode:

Paul’s Website:

Little Rock Property Buyers:

DM CODY if You Have Questions:

Paul’s Offer:

If you want the free guide from Paul on how to make offers you can text the word “Investor” to 33777.

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