Leena Bella Mayo + Bill Bronchick – Stuck Trying To Buy A Property?? Co-Buying Could Be Your Answer!!

Episode Notes:

I am honored to have Leena Bella Mayo and Bill Bronchick on the podcast!

Leena is the owner and founder of Go Home Buyers Unite and Bill is the owner and founder of Legalwiz. Bill has been featured on Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and a ton more!

In this episode, Leena and Bill talk about how you can buy properties by using the power of co-buying. What do we mean by co-buying? This is a strategy you can use to purchase properties with others! So maybe you live in California and the houses are incredibly expensive. What can you do to afford the downpayment?

Leena and Bill talk about how you can purchase these properties with others to own the asset!

After listening to this episode, if you want to know more, check out both of their websites!

Leena has a free agreement and readiness assessment you can access on her website and Bill has a TON of resources!


As always, you can reach me at Austin@glanzair.com!

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